Changing The Way We Treat Pet Waste

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If you’re a pet owner, you are probably facing the dilemma of what to do with pet poop. Pet waste poses a risk to human and environmental health. But when you remove your pet’s waste from the yard, patches of grass, or off of city sidewalks, it can go a long way towards curbing environmental contamination. However, by just picking up poop, it won’t go away! Sadly, tons of dog poop wrapped in plastic bags is piling up in landfills, unable to degrade.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to dispose of pet waste. At Mr. Pookt Industries, we want to help pet owners convert pet waste into a safe and sterile substance at home. Keep reading to know more.

Pookt’s 071 by Mr. Pookt Industries

Pookt’s 071 is a 110 V mobile app-controlled device using a patentable odor-eliminating system that safely and effectively processes dog waste at home. Pet owners everywhere can help protect the environment with the Pookt’s 071 series product line by keeping pet poop and plastic out of landfills benefiting us all.

How does Pookt’s 071 work?

Pet waste is a big problem and is negatively impacting our environment. With Pookt’s 071, pet owners can be proud that they are reducing the amount of waste that goes into dumps and the toxins that leach into our groundwater.

Pookt’s 071 plugs into your outside power outlet and is controlled remotely via the mobile app. Simply place your bagged pet poop into the device and start the cycle. When the device requires emptying, users are notified. With an easy-to-remove bottom tray, contents can be easily disposed of in garden beds or organic bins.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pookt’s 071, click here for details and specifications. We will also be launching soon on Indiegogo. We look forward to offering Pookt’s 070 series to pet owners at affordable prices.

For more details about Pookt’s 071, reach out to us at Mr. Pookt Industries. We are a group of pet-loving visionaries who see a zero waste solution when it comes to pet waste. We offer unique pet waste pick-up devices and other pet-focused products and services across North America. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products or availing of our expert services, reach out to us at (604) 639-4442 or email us at

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