Have a free-standing public access kiosk to receive bagged feces (for condominiums / apartments / parks / shopping malls) with optional features for chilling, ventilation and dehydration

Parks and Commercial Recycling Unit: A free standing kiosk for public and common areas.

Pookt is in the process of developing the 096 to market to parks of different sizes and commercial locations, as well as multi family strata developments, school grounds and city centers.

Designed to separate and store plastic and pet waste in a safe and effective manner for pickup and recycling (by way of refrigeration and dehydration). Wherever practically possible, subsurface venting will be utilized, others will be equipped with air exhaust using charcoal to strip out foul odors.

Additional options would include solar power. It is anticipated that many parks and commercial locations will find this design desirable. After purchase revenue streams include charcoal filters, maintenance, and collection services (where 077 facilities exist).

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