Have a containerized upcycling system and facilty

A modified 40 foot cargo container for a centralized recycling facility is available to:

  1. Receive the collected bagged pet waste
  2. Separate the plastic bag from the pet feces
  3. Clean and sterilize the plastic bag for recycling
  4. Incinerate the pet waste into a sterile ash for recycling
  5. Eliminate odors during the process
  6. Provide a clean, safe work environment for staffing the system

The container is to be built at a separate contracted facility, and shipped to any location in the world for the recycling of pet waste.

Pookt has engaged a company with the capabilities to conduct the necessary research, development and fabrication of the 077 to bring to market. The fabrication of the unit is under the authorization and specifications of Pookt.

The up-cycled product produced by the 077 is a sterile granular ash (created through a propriety process and resulting in a patentable material) suitable as a filler for concrete mixes for landscaping or ornamental products. The plastic biproduct could be used in the production of vinyl fencing and similar applications.

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